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ECREA is the learned society for communication scholars across Europe and beyond. Individuals, institutions and associations have chosen to become members of ECREA to join a large community devoted to the development and the quality of communication research and higher education in Europe.

ECREA hosts three networks (Central and East-European (CEE) Network, Women’s Network and Young Scholars Network (YECREA)) as well as 17 thematic sections, each developing their own sets of activities. Every year, dozens of PhD students gather together with leading scholars during the ECREA Summer School. ECREA also manages its own Book Series which publishes at least one volume of original and innovative academic work every year.

ECREA welcomes individual as well as institutional members. The fee structure offers specific rates for new members, for young scholars and for members from soft-currency countries.

All activities within ECREA are developed and organised to serve the community, enhance the quality of communication research and higher education, provide opportunities to exchange, share and collaborate, and to promote the interests of communication scholars. More importantly, ECREA is a bottom up organisation where various projects and ideas are emerging and materialising, driven by the energy and enthusiasm of the members.

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