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Political Communication

The Political Communication Section of ECREA provides a forum for discussing cutting-edge research exploring the changing nature of the relationship between citizens, political actors and the media.

The section aims to bring together scholars from across Europe as well as practitioners working in the fast growing field of political communication.

Through its various activities the Political Communication Section aims to inspire new ideas, initiate collaboration across disciplines, and disseminate research results among practitioners, policymakers and the civil society.

Specifically, the Political Communication Section aims to
• Provide a forum for debate and the presentation of ongoing research;
• Consolidate networks of scholars across Europe;
• Encourage collaborative, interdisciplinary and comparative research on the role of communication in contemporary democracies;
• Organise regular symposia and a stream of panels at the bi-annual ECREA conferences;
• Collaborate with other Sections and Temporary Working Groups of ECREA in areas of mutual interest;
• Initiate collaboration with other national and international associations of the field;
• Provide a dedicated website to enable the exchange of information and collaboration;
• Support young scholars in developing and presenting their research;

The Political Communication Section welcomes new members from a broad range of disciplines and encourages all its members to bring in fresh ideas and contribute to the activities of the Section.

Chair: Andreas Schuck (Amsterdam School of Communication Research (ASCoR), Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Vice Chair: Vaclav Stetka (Loughborough University, Loughborough, United Kingdom)
Vice Chair: Melanie Magin (University of Mainz, Department of Communication, Mainz, Germany)

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Note: David Hopmann has been elected as Section Vice Chair in May 2013 as Katrin Voltmer resigned as Section-s Vice Chair after becoming a member of ECREA's Executive Board.

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