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Diaspora, Migration and the Media

Questions of identity and politics of difference have been in the heart of European communication research for decades. In the context of transnationalism and the growing diversity of European societies these questions take on a new urgency and have new implications for European communication practices and their study.

Transnational and diasporic communications have brought a number of theoretical and methodological challenges for European communication research, such as those relating to the significance of the national public spheres, national broadcasting, multicultural media and communication practices at present and in the future.

This section recognises that transnational and diasporic communications have become a fertile and challenging area for innovative theoretical and methodological approaches; this area of study urges the development of research with transnational and cross-European orientation, which however is not nation-centric and Eurocentric.

The section invites and encourages theoretical and empirical explorations of European communications and diversity from across Europe and beyond. We welcome interdisciplinary approaches and innovative studies in all areas of media and communication research (media production; media texts; consumption of media and
communications technologies; national and transnational policy; media ethics and the representation of difference).

Chair: Koen Leurs (Utrecht University, Utrecht, Netherlands)
Vice Chair: Kevin Smets (University of Antwerp, Antwerpen, Belgium)
Vice Chair: Irati Agirreazkuenaga (University of Basque Country, Leioa, Spain)

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