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Gender and Communication

The Section Gender and Communication aims to bring together scholars who approach issues within the field of communication with a specific interest in gender. Gender is conceptualized in a broad sense.

The section specifically seeks inclusivity in relation to gender studies issues (among which: ethnicity, identity politics, queer studies, gender in media industries, feminist media studies, popular culture studies, post structural theory, philosophical questions).

The section intends to take a critical approach in bridging the gap between communication and gender studies. We welcome interdisciplinary approaches and innovative studies in all areas of media and communication research: media production, media texts and media use and/or reception. Questions of gender within the field of communication and media can be approached at theoretical, methodological and/or empirical level.

Chair: Frederik Dhaenens (University of Ghent, Gent, Belgium)
Vice Chair: Cosimo Marco Scarcelli (IUSVE Venice, Venice, Italy)
Vice Chair: Despina Chronaki (, Lemessos, Cyprus)

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