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The ECREA Temporary Working Groups (TWGs) are, like sections, arenas for specialized knowledge in specific fields of media and communication research, which are organised thematically. The TWGs are only established for a term of 4 years. Their existence can be renewed by the ECREA Executive Board, or the ECREA Executive Board can decide to transform them into Sections, after their first term of 4 years. Each of the TWGs has published its own modus operandi and ob jectives text on the ECREA website. Also the names and email addresses of the Management Team of each of the TWGs are published. If available, a link to the TWG’s websites is included.

Although ECREA has already a substantive number of thematic substructures, we are always willing to discuss proposals for new TWGs and Sections. Please contact the Sections/Networks/TWGs coordinator, John Downey, at, for more information.

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