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Mediatization (acquired Section status)

The aim of the ECREA Mediatization Temporary Working Group is to bring the European mediatization research together and to stimulate an open, rich and informed exchange on theoretical and empirical questions of mediatization.

Especially the following topics are in the focus of the working group:
- developing the theoretical discussion on mediatization and related questions of change.
- stimulating and discussing empirical research on mediatization, focusing on present as well as historical changes.
- articulating a critical understanding of the interrelation between communicative, social and cultural change based on a well-informed approach of mediatization.
- supporting a sustainable cooperation and exchange of mediatization research with other fields of media and communication research and practice.

Chair: Stig Hjarvard (University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Media, Cognition and Communication, Copenhagen S, Denmark)
Vice Chair: Andreas Hepp (University of Bremen, ZeMKI, Bremen, Germany)
Vice Chair: Göran Bolin (Media and Communication Studies, Sodertorn University, Huddinge, Sweden)

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