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Digital Games Research (acquired Section status)

The Digital Games Research TWG serves as a Europe-wide network for researchers and educators interested in the analysis of all kinds of digital games and gaming. The group is interested in digital games as a medium, and in their use, form and content, approaching them from a social-scientific perspective with an emphasis on communicative aspects. In contrast to traditional forms of media entertainment, all digital games require some form of user activity.

It welcomes diverse approaches to the field, from theoretical/critical works and methodological discussions to quantitative and qualitative empirical studies. Given the innovative and cross-disciplinary nature of the group’s core subject, research is encouraged beyond the limitations of traditional disciplinary boundaries, as well as quality research in the fields of communication and media studies, ethnology, sociology, psychology, political sciences, business studies, education studies, and related social sciences. The Digital Games Research TWG now has an active website (see link below), and you can join them on facebook: 'ECREA TWG Digital Games Research'.

Chair: Thorsten Quandt (Institute of Communication Studies, University Hohenheim, Münster, Germany)
Vice Chair: Jan Van Looy (IBBT-MICT-Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium)
Vice Chair: Torill Mortensen (IT University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen S, Denmark)

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