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Title: "Mediated) Social Interaction in Groups, Networks and Organizations".
Affiliation: Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction
Venue: Helsinki, Finland
Date: Oct 23 - Oct 24, 2017
Call for papers:

ICSI Regional Conference is the 5th bi-annual meeting of the Interpersonal Communication and Social Interaction Division of ECREA. This year’s conference is held in Helsinki, Finland.
The title of the conference, (Mediated) Social Interaction in Groups, Networks and Organizations, reflects some of the relevant themes and discussions within our section. Workplaces, as well as groups and networks beyond traditional organizations, are constituted through communication and social interaction. Face-to-face communication, routines and practices shape organizing in traditional organizations whereas virtual communities and teams rely heavily on mediated communication. Furthermore, social media and other technologies bring new affordances to communication and organizing in all kinds of professional relationships and social interaction. ICSI Regional Conference 2017 will provide an opportunity for international scholars from communication and related fields to gather together for two days to discuss the role of (mediated) communication and social interaction in constituting groups, teams and organizations.
Place: Helsinki, Finland
Date: October 23-24 (PhD workshop Oct 25)

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