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ECC1 in Amsterdam in 2005. Impressive seminar activities in 2007
Nyre (to be deleted), Lars 05.02.2007
Ten conferences or day seminars are being organized by ECREA sections during 2007, and more are in the planning. Most sections were formally established during 2006, and this year it is time for its members to meet and deliberate. Many ECREA members have not chosen their section affiliation yet, and this is a good time to do so. Read more
La Sagrada Famila. ECC 2008 in Barcelona
Nyre (to be deleted), Lars 01.02.2007
The next European Communication Conference will be held in Barcelona in November 2008 Read more
IAMCR Paris 2007 ECREA to organise a panel at IAMCR 2007
Heinderyckx, Francois 11.01.2007
ECREA will organise a plenary panel session on Communication Research in Europe during the 50th anniversary conference of IAMCR (Paris, 25-27 July 2007). Read more
ECREA NEW: Online membership services
Nyre (to be deleted), Lars 11.01.2007
ECREA Online allows online payment of membership fees. Institutional coordinators can easily change the information about local members. The system is fully secured. Read more
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