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In order to allow as many scholars as possible to join, ECREA is offering a very flexible and affordable membership fee structure for individuals and institutions, with reduced fees for first year membership, for young scholars, for soft-currency countries and for large institutions.

ECREA has three categories of membership:

Individual members: all persons who are active in the field of communication research or education. This also applies to persons living outside Europe who are conducting research into communication in Europe. Each individual member carries one vote at the General Assembly.

The standard individual membership fee covers one person, who qualifies for ECREA's membership benefits

Become an Individual member

Institutional members: legal bodies such as universities with relevant departments, legal bodies with relevant policy departments and legal bodies with professional research from all parts of Europe, which are concerned with media and communications research or dedicate all or part of their activity to such research. Each institutional member is entitled to five votes at the General Assembly.

The standard institutional membership fee covers an institutional coordinator and ten individuals from that institution. In addition, PhD students of the institutional member are also included on the ECREA membership list at no extra charge. All qualify for the ECREA's membership benefits.

Become an Institutional member

Associate institutional members: the association may confer the status of associate institutional member upon organizations, which are legally established in their country of origin and whose aims are connected with those of the Association. This category for instance includes national communication studies organisations. An Associate member does not vote at the General Assembly.

Associate institutional membership does not involve a fee.

Become an Associate institutional member

Membership fees

Individual membership fee
  • EURO 75
  • EURO 35 (Junior Scholar)
  • EURO 10 (Soft-Currency Country*)
  • EURO 30 (First Year Individual Member)
  • EURO 10 (Junior Scholar Soft-Currency Country*)
Institutional membership fee
  • EURO 380
  • EURO 50 (Soft-Currency Country*)
  • EURO 130 (First Year Institutional Member)
  • EURO 38 (additional staff member per person)
  • EURO 5 (additional staff member per person Soft-Currency Country*)
Associate institutional membership fee
  • EURO 0

* The soft-currency countries are all the ones not included in the high-income economies on the World Bank website
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