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Title: "Children and Youth on the Net".
Affiliation: Children, Youth and Media TWG
Venue: Luxembourg
Date: Apr 26 - Apr 29, 2017
Call for papers:

Children and adolescents are surrounded by digital media, which have become highly interconnected. However, being immersed in the media like "fish in water" with access to online content almost anytime and anywhere poses challenges not only for kids.
Rather, maximizing the positive experiences of digital media use while limiting its risks and potential harm is a challenge that caregivers, stakeholders, service providers, media companies as well as policy makers have to face together. This conference brings together international experts who share the same goal—to monitor and understand the use of online media of the younger generations, to foster digital media education and to protect children and youths at cross-country levels.
The event is being organised by the Luxembourg National Youth Service and the University of Luxembourg. It will be combined with a meeting of the EU Kids Online network (on 26 April) and of the Children, Youth and Media TWG (on 28 and 29 April). The TWG theme is still under discussion but is likely to centre on "Transmedia Teens: storytelling, advertising and branded consumption."

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