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ECREA currently has 24 permanent thematic Sections, each developing a distinctive field of communication studies, and 3 permanent Networks representing specific socio-demographic categories of scholars. ECREA also has 5 Temporary Working Groups which focus on emerging fields or underrepresented areas.

Temporary Working Groups are established following a biennial call (see the current call here) and can later acquire a Section status, while new Networks can be formed outside the biennial call. Please contact the Sections/TWG/Networks coordinator, John Downey, at, for more information.

Each member can join unlimited number of Sections, Networks and Temporary Working Groups.


After the election of the new members, Executive Board organizes the second phase of the elections, which will consist of the election of two Sections representatives, one Temporary Working Groups representative and one Networks representative - they represent the Sections, TWGs, and Networks in the Executive Board. Representatives are elected by the S/N/TWG management teams. Each member of a Management Team of a Section holds one vote for this election.

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Thematic sections

ECREA research Sections are arenas for specialized knowledge in specific fields of media and communication research. Sections are organised thematically and they offer unique possibility to network with colleagues of similar interest.


Temporary working groups

ECREA Temporary Working Groups (TWGs) are, like Sections, thematically organised arenas for developing specialized knowledge in specific fields of media and communication research. The TWGs are established for a term of 4 years. Their status can be renewed for a second 4-year term or transformed into a permanent thematic Section by ECREA Executive Board.


ECREA Networks group specific socio-demographic categories of scholars. Networks do not deal with specific fields of media and communication research but focus on strengthening the position of specific groups of scholars they represent.

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