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07.12.2020 20:59 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

I am doing research from home and what helps is online library access to download journal papers and also reviewing for journals because they then give complimentary access to all of their editions so even if something is under embargo via my University, I can still acess it.

Martina Topic (Senior Lecturer in Public Relations)

"I take advantage of the fear that going out is risky, to stay indoors reading; keeping in touch with colleagues on WhatsApp to brainstorm in areas I don't clearly understand."

Allan Job Wefwafwa (Tutorial Fellow, Journalism and Media Studies University of the Witwatersrand)

"Working from home, one of the most important things for me is to attend to mental health. During these difficult times, it can be hard to separate professional and private life and maintain good routines in terms of exercise, meditation and more. I think it is really important to be extra attentive to this. And try to help students and colleagues do so as well"

Johan Farkas (PhD Student, Malmö University)



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