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  • 26.11.2021 09:15 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ECREA is happy to inform you that the submission platform for the ECC in Aarhus has been open:

    Proposals for individual papers, panels, and posters can be submitted to one of ECREA Sections, Temporary Working Groups and Networks through the ECREA 2022 submission platform until 17 January 2022.

    For specific calls by the sections, networks and temporary working groups, please consult

    The conference will be held in Aarhus (Denmark), 19 - 22 October 2022.

  • 09.11.2021 17:16 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), the Department of Media and Journalism Studies at Aarhus University (AU) and the Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) are happy to announce that the theme for the 9th European Communication Conference (ECC) will be “Rethink Impact”.

    The conference will be held in Aarhus (Denmark), 19 - 22 October 2022.

    Proposals for individual papers, panels, and posters can be submitted to one of ECREA Sections, Temporary Working Groups and Networks through the ECREA 2022 submission platform until 17 January 2022.

    For specific calls by the sections, networks and temporary working groups, please consult

    We look forward receiving your contributions and seeing many of you in Aarhus 2022!

  • 08.11.2021 13:09 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear ECREA members,

    I am writing with an update on our plans for the European Communication Conference “Rethink Impact” hosted by Aarhus University between October 19 and 22 2022.

    The call for papers for the conference is about to be published.

    In planning for the conference the ECREA organising committee has considered a variety of options to increase the inclusivity of the conference for those who are not able or willing to travel to Aarhus for whatever reason by incorporating online elements.

    The most comprehensive hybrid options substantially increase the complexity of organisation thereby increasing the costs of the conference to participants while risking the smooth running of the conference and potentially jeopardising the quality of interaction during the panels. The more comprehensive hybrid options would also make the objective of financially breaking even more difficult to achieve.

    For these reasons we have developed the following approach which we believe is the best possible option at this time of uncertainty, given the constraints we are working with:

    In addition to the in person conference at Aarhus each section, network, temporary working group will organise an online event in the two weeks leading up to October 19th. They will have autonomy in terms of the organisation of these online events (number of days; scheduling of panels; degree of interactivity; the format of panels and workshops; peer review process);

    All people attending these online events will also have online access to the plenary sessions of the conference at Aarhus and to the general assembly;

    The costs of the online events will be kept to an absolute minimum (and ideally zero) in order to maximise their inclusiveness;

    In the interests of reducing possible academic segregation between the online events and in person conference and in the interests of maximising participation both the online events and the in person conference are open to all. The low cost nature of the online events raises, for example, the possibility that colleagues may wish to attend as auditors rather than paper presenters.

    The staggered approach to the online events and conference has additional advantages in terms of participation allowing members to potentially attend more than one event if they wish.

    We will continue to monitor best practice in conference organisation and introduce more hybrid elements as and when they become viable options for ECREA.

    I look forward to seeing you virtually at the online events and the in person conference in Aarhus in October 2022!

    John Downey

    ECREA President

  • 27.10.2021 10:48 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Dear ECREAns,

    ECREA is happy to present you the first statistics from 8th European Communication Conference (online):

    • 1185 registered participants from more than 17 countries
    • 229 parallel sessions
    • 31 bussiness meetings
    • 3 plenary sessions
    • 5 special sessions

    The opening plenary session about Decolonising the curriculum attracted the interest of many - with more than 300 participants listening in on the discussions. Most popular sessions, however, dealt with the topics surrounding Children, Youth and Media; Journalism and its audiences; or Disconnection and the good life.

    We do realize that spending considerable hours in front of the screens is tiresome and we really appreciate all of you who invested their time and energy into making this conference a success.

    We are hoping to greet many of you in person next October during our conference in Aarhus!

  • 19.10.2021 09:36 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    After the election of the new members, Executive Board organizes the second phase of the elections, which will consist of the election of two Sections representatives, one Temporary Working Groups representative and one Networks representative - they represent the Sections, TWGs, and Networks in the Executive Board. Representatives are elected by the S/N/TWG management teams. Each member of a Management Team of a Section holds one vote for this election.

    See the candidates list here

  • 05.10.2021 09:11 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ECREA is happy to inform you that the new Temporary Working Group called Affects, Emotion and Media has been established.

    The aim of the TWG is providing a platform for European media and communication scholars to engage in an interdisciplinary exchange on this multifaceted and timely topic. TWG members are interested in or work on developing theoretical concepts and methodological approaches focusing on how affect and emotions shape and are shaped by media technologies, texts, and productions in mass and social media in numerous societal contexts, such as journalism, politics, entertainment, advertising, and everyday lifeworlds. Researchers working with qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods will have the chance to exchange ideas and collaborate.

    We encourage all interested ECREA members to formally join the TWG, in order to receive and circulate important updates on events and publications. Please access your profile on the intranet, click on “update profile” and select the TWG Affect, Emotion & Media. You can also follow the TWG on Twitter: @AffectTWG_ECREA.

    Débora Medeiros, Karin Horsti & Manuel Menke, are excited to welcome you!

  • 22.09.2021 15:10 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The ECREA Book Series editors Göran Bolin, Christina Holtz-Bacha and Simone Tosoni are happy to announce an extension of the deadline for submissions of proposals for wave 18 of the Routledge Studies in European Communication Research and Education Series until 4th of October 2021.

    Since one of the main objectives of the book series is the promotion of collaborative research within in the ECREA community, only proposals for edited volumes are accepted. The editors select up to five proposals for publication in the series within one call. From wave 18, the top-ranked proposal will be published open access and thus will be freely available to the academic community. There are further open access options for the other volumes.

    The publication of a volume in the ECREA book series benefits from the expertise and experience of the series publishers, from the prestige of being associated with ECREA, from the placement with a renowned publisher and from its marketing as well as from the promotion of the association among its members.

    For information on the ECREA Book Series and for downloading the Book Series form, please consult the Call for Proposals on the ECREA website. Should you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact the series editors via

    Read more here:

  • 20.09.2021 13:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ECREA is pleased to announce that the 9th European Communication Conference will take place from 19 to 22 October 2022. It will be hosted by the Department of Media and Journalism Studies, Aarhus University and the City of Aarhus, Denmark.

    Under the theme ‘Rethink Impact’, ECC 2022 will aim to draw attention to the questions how research insight is translated into tangible outcomes for society, how it can be quantified and validated, and how teaching, community building and outreach as core academic practices are assessed.

    Read more about the conference here:

    Watch the host presentation video here:

    See the official website here:

  • 15.09.2021 15:04 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    ECREA is happy to announce that the new ECREA bureau has been elected:

    • President - John Downey (Loughborough University, UK)
    • Vice-President, Sections, Temporary Working Group and Networks co-ordinator - Irena Reifová (Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic)
    • General Secretary - Andra Siibak (University of Tartu, Etonia)
    • Treasurer - Zlatan Krajina (University of Zagreb, Croatia)
  • 14.09.2021 12:40 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    During the 2021 online conference, ECREA members elected new management teams of Sections, Temporary Working Groups and Networks (S/TWG/N).

    The names of the new chairs and vice-chairs with their affiliation can be found on the page of selected entity here:

    Complete results can be found here:



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