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New Book: Bridging Disciplinary Perspectives of Country Image Reputation, Brand, and Identity

23.01.2019 20:11 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Edited by: Diana Ingenhoff, Candace White, Alexander Buhmann, Spiro Kiousis

Country image and related constructs, such as country reputation, brand, and identity, have been subjects of debate in fields such as marketing, psychology, sociology, communication, and political science. This volume provides an overview of current scholarship, places related research interests across disciplines in a common context, and illustrates connections among the constructs. Discussing how different scholarly perspectives can be applied to answer a broad range of related research questions, this volume aims to contribute to the emergence of a more theoretical, open, and interdisciplinary study of country image, reputation, brand, and identity.

Table of Contents

  • Charting the landscape in research on country image, reputation, brand, and identity: A trans-disciplinary overview by Alexander Buhmann, Diana Ingenhoff, Candace White, Spiro Kiousis
  • Country, Product-Country, Country-of-origin, or Place Image? Perspectives on a Perplexing Theme: Place-Product Associations and Their Effects by Nicolas Papadopoulos
  • The role of country images in international marketing: Country–of–origin effects by Erik B. Nes
  • Nation Branding, Product Country Images, and Country Rankings by Newburry, William and Song, Mohan
  • Evaluation of nation brand indexes by Henrik Merkelsen & Rasmus Kjærgaard Rasmussen
  • National Identity and Collective Memory: A Social Psychological Perspective by Pierre Bouchat & Bernard Rimé
  • Mediating’ national anxieties via stereotyping the French ‘threatening Other’: Analysis of the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand media coverage by Fabrice Desmarais and Toni Bruce
  • National stereotypes in Central Europe: Their accuracy, convergence and mirroring by Martina Hřebíčková and Sylvie Graf
  • The Global Construction of National Reputation by Tobias Werron
  • World Opinion, Country Identity, and Country Images: Some Reflections by Frank Louis Rusciano
  • Mediated Public Diplomacy as a Function of Government Strategic Issue Management by Tianduo Zhang and Guy J. Golan
  • Country Image in Public Diplomacy: From Messages to Relationships by Di Wu and Jian Wang
  • Media influence on the public’s perceptions of countries: Agenda setting and international news by Wayne Wanta
  • Talking at Audiences: Networking and Networks in Country Images by Efe Sevin
  • Analyzing Value Drivers and Effects of 4D-Country Images on Stakeholders’ Behavior Across Three Different Cultures by Diana Ingenhoff, Tianduo Zhang, Alexander Buhmann, Candace White, Spiro Kiousis
  • Epilogue: Bridging disciplinary perspectives about country image, reputation, brand and identity by Candace White, Spiro Kiousis, Alexander Buhmann, Diana Ingenhoff

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