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Call for Conference: The Future of Media Monitoring. Comparing Gender and Media Equality Across the Globe

13.03.2019 21:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Pre-conference event IAMCR Madrid July 6th 2019

July 6, 2019

Madrid, Spain

This pre-conference is concerned with the possibilities for doing advanced global-level, research on women and media. We aim to bring together scholars interested in large comparative studies of gender and media such as the Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP), the IWMF newsroom study, the EIGE study on media organizations. Advanced analysis of already existing data will be presented in the first section, then participants will be able share ideas on how to advance comparative research. There will also be time to learn how to do use of an open access dataset that will be launched at the pre-conference.

A special focus will be given to the GMMP that since 1995 has mapped the status of women in the world news media in more than 100 countries and served as a reference point for data on gender equality indicators in news content. The event will open discussion on innovations for the 2020 GMMP edition, and strategies for attracting interest for participation in countries that are not yet part of the study. The event will investigate possibilities to find viable, sustainable models for funding, organizing and curating this kind of data and securing the continuity of the GMMP and the new dataset. It will be a space to gather information on the ways in which the GMMP methodology, instruments, process and outcomes have been useful, as well as to discuss new dimensions and indicators for the 2020 edition.

The topic of the pre-conference is especially important in view of the upcoming 25-year assessment of progress made in the implementation of the 1995 UN Beijing Platform for Action (BpFA), in which “women and the media” is included as a critical action area (Section J). BpfA is central for gender and media scholars and policy makers, and is the foundation for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Organisers and sponsors:

  • University of Gothenburg, Department of Journalism, Media and communication, (lead organiser)
  • Global Media Monitoring Project network
  • Nordicom is a publisher and a Nordic knowledge centre in the field of media and communication, In autumn 2019 Nordicom will publish an edited volume, Comparing Gender and Media Equality Across the Globe

Preliminary programme July 6th 2019 at Aula 006 Facultad Ciencias Información

  • 13.00 - 13.30 Registration
  • 13.30 - 15.30 Qualities, causes and consequences of gender equality in and through the news media by
  • GEM and its international partners
  • 15.30 - 16.00 Break/refreshments
  • 16.00 - 17.30 GMMP 2020 and the future of media monitoring / how to use the GEM data set
  • 17.30 - 18.00 Looking ahead - making a difference

Confirmed participants:

The Swedish research team of GEM from University of Gothenburg, Department of Journalism, Media & Communication (JMG):

  • Monika Djerf Pierre (PI), Professor
  • Maria Edström, Associate Professor,
  • Mathias Färdigh, Ph.D.

International partners:

  • Carolyn Byerly, Professor Department of Communication, Culture & Media Studies, School of
  • Communications, Howard University.
  • Karen Ross, Professor, School of Arts and Cultures, Newcastle university.
  • Claudia Padovani, Associate Professor, Department of Politics, Law and International Studies DSPGI, University of Padova.
  • Sarah Macharia, Ph.D. Manager, Gender & Communication, World Association for Christian Communication, WACC, Toronto

Special guest:

Corinna Lauerer, data manager of the Worlds of Journalism Study.

About Comparing Gender and Media Equality across the Globe (GEM):

GEM is a cross-national study of the qualities, causes and consequences of gender equality in and through the news media. The project aims at taking systematic, comparative research on gender equality in and through the news media to the next level by bringing together, complementing, and re-analysing existing data on media/gender equality. It combines the data sets on gender equality with existing sources of empirical data on the essential structural and cultural factors in society and in the media system, which can explain the differences in media/gender equality between countries.

Participation and registration

GMMP-coordinators and participants who are involved in large comparative studies of gender and media are especially welcome, but the pre-conference is open for all. Please send your name, affiliation, and if you are involved in any transnational project to:

No fee is required. Maximum 40 participants.

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