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The 14th International Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems (CRiSIS)

10.10.2019 13:38 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

October 29-31, 2019

Alhambra Hotel, Yassmine Hammamet, Tunisia

The International Conference on Risks and Security of Internet and Systems 2019 will be the 14th in a series dedicated to security issues in Internet-related applications, networks and systems. Internet has become essential for the exchange of information between user groups and organizations from different backgrounds and with different needs and objectives. These users are exposed to increasing risks regarding security and privacy, due to the development of more and more sophisticated online attacks, the growth of Cyber Crime, etc. Attackers nowadays do not lack motivation and they are more and more experienced. To make matters worse, for performing attacks have become easily accessible. Moreover, the increasing complexity as well as the immaturity of new technologies such as pervasive, mobile and wireless devices and networks, raise new security challenges.

In this context, new security mechanisms and techniques should be deployed to achieve an assurance level acceptable for critical domains such as energy, transportation, health, defence, banking, critical infrastructures, embedded systems and networks, avionics systems, etc. The CRiSIS conference offers a remarkable forum for computer and network security actors from industry, academia and government to meet, exchange ideas and present recent advances on Internet-related security threats and vulnerabilities, and on the solutions that are needed to counter them.

Registration is open as follows:

  • Early – Before 20 September
  • Late – Before 5 October
  • On site – After 29 October

Registration is via the CRiSIS2019 website:

Program Information

The conference will feature invited speakers and presentations of accepted papers. More details on the program:

Keynote Speakers

  • Lotfi ben Othmane, Iowa State University, USA
  • Takoua Abdellatif, University of Carthage, Tunisia


General chairs:

Nora Cuppens, IMT Atlantique, France

Ahmed Hadj Kacem, University of Sfax, Tunisia

Programme chairs:

Frédéric Cupens, University of Bretagne Loire, France

Slim Kallel, University of Sfax, Tunisia



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