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Radio and catastrophes

24.06.2020 13:33 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Radiofonias –Journal of Studies in Sound Media

Deadline: July 10, 2020

Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, Covid-19, *Radiofonias – Journal of Studies in Sound Media* (formerly Rádio-Leituras) announces an extraordinary call for papers, the dossier “Radio and catastrophes”, for its 2020.2 edition. Thus, the monograph “College radios in times of attacks on science” will be postponed to the first quarter of 2021. The 2020.3 edition remains destined to free articles, which can be submitted in a continuous flow.

Radiofonias is a quarterly publication, index H5 = 5 on Google Scholar, which accepts submissions in Portuguese, Spanish and English, authored by or co-authored with PhDs. It is co-edited by the Postgraduate Program in Communication at the Federal University of Ouro Preto (UFOP), by the Convergence and Journalism Research Group and by the Radio and TV Center (NRTV) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil.

The guidelines for authors can be found here:

Radio and catastrophes

The new coronavirus pandemic paralyzed a third of the planet in just three months, imposing challenges on the authorities. Each country reacted differently, with more or less severe measures, ranging from total inaction to quarantine and lockdown, going through different recommendations for social isolation and suspension of activities involving urban displacement. With a total of victims that doubles every couple of days, the so-called Covid-19 is spreading at a time of strong circulation of disinformation campaigns, which question scientific knowledge, bringing risks to public health.

Radio plays an important role, one way or another, in informing and building the population’s knowledge about prevention and mitigation measures, in order to avoid a collapse in health systems, affecting mainly the poorest population. Due to its reach and agility, radio can be a powerful ally in large-scale communication strategies, assuming a leading role in times of catastrophes such as pandemics, floods, earthquakes, fires, tsunamis and other emergency situations. In this context, Radiofonias encourages submissions that present case studies, propose theoretical reflections and/or arise from research projects involving the relationship between radio and catastrophic situations, such as:

  • Radio and public information in times of calamity
  • Radio and scientific communication about Covid-19
  • Challenges when doing radio in times of pandemic and social isolation
  • Protocols for radio action in catastrophe situations
  • Broadcasting of public service campaigns by radio
  • Radio and misinformation

Deadline for submissions: July 10th, 2020



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