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Affect, emotion and media

The main objective of the TWG Affect, Emotion & Media is to provide a platform for European media and communication scholars to engage in an interdisciplinary dialog about the on-going research into the interplay of affect, emotion, and media.

The TWG invites all researchers who are interested in theoretical concepts and methodological approaches that aim at capturing how affect and emotion shape and are shaped by media technologies, texts, and productions in mass and social media in numerous contexts, including - but not limited to - journalism, politics, entertainment, advertising, and everyday lifeworlds. Researchers working with qualitative, quantitative, and computational methods will have the chance to present their work, exchange ideas, and collaborate with each other. Members of the working group not only contribute to the academic fathom of affect and emotion in the field of media and communication but also advance our knowledge about affective and emotional dynamics driving pressing societal issues, such as hate-speech, populism, decreasing trust in journalism, debates around exclusion and inclusion in cultural production, among others.

We encourage all interested ECREA members to formally join the TWG in their ECREA profile on the website and to follow us on Twitter, in order to receive and circulate important updates on events and publications.

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Management Team


Manuel Menke (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Vice Chair

Fredrika Thelandersson (Lund University, Sweden)

Vice Chair:

Debora Medeiros (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

YECREA Representative:

Klara Langmann  (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)


Manuel Menke

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